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Air Quality

No matter how clean your home is, most of the dust that enters your home stays inside. Of the possible 40 pounds of dust that can get in each year, up to 15 pounds of it can be trapped in your duct system.
One ounce of dust contains nearly 42,000 living dust mites. Each one expelling up to 20 fecal pellets a day into the air you breathe! Dust can also harbor pollen, fungus and bacteria that can grow, reproduce and spread throughout your home. Dirty air ducts provide the perfect environment for these creatures because they are dark, damp and contain bits of human hair and dead skin, both human and animal.

Off the shelf filters trap only about 7% of this pollution, allowing 93% of it to flourish and cause coughing, sneezing, headaches, allergic reactions, infections, asthma attacks and skin irritations.

Whether indoors or outdoors, humans require a constant supply of safe and healthy air. Dirty ducts are definitely a hazard to your family's health. Get them cleaned now, for your health.

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